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Other Projects and Commissioned Artwork, to Inspire Your Imagination!

My recent bird series, all painted since the early days of the pandemic...I guess I've been keeping busy! This one is "Hummingbird Ballet". This one will be in the Huntington Beach Art Center, exhibit opens 10/17

"Rainbow in a Storm" At Showcase Gallery, Santa Ana

"Eloise" At Showcase Gallery, Santa Ana

"Sunlit" At Showcase Gallery, Santa Ana

"DeTail" At Showcase Gallery, Santa Ana

"Dive Deep" At Showcase Gallery, Santa Ana

"Albert Breaks Free." Not a bird, in case you were wondering. Currently in the Balboa Island Museum.

"Find the Light"--this one is sold, but I have prints available!

"Flick." Also not a bird. Currently in the Balboa Island Museum.

"George Points the Way" At Showcase Gallery, Santa Ana

"Feather Finder" At Showcase Gallery, Santa Ana

My biggest piece ever! The Flight of Fancy is 36" x 36"

Mama's Home! My first venture into a mixed media/3D sort of thing, and currently hanging in Showcase Gallery in Costa Mesa. I've coated the painting with epoxy, and imbedded into it half of a real twiggy bird's nest, and painted wooden egg (the other half is painted on to complete the illusion).

My bunny artwork on a reclaimed cabinet door, in its new home! Client was so delighted she sent me pictures! I love seeing where my art winds up...

My son is a baseball player. So I support him by painting a giant baseball crashing through his wall over his bed, because that's how much I love him.

No surface in my house is safe from my paintbrushes.

Commissioned by Whittier College as a gift for the President of the College upon her retirement, full of personal details.

A reclaimed cabinet door gets a new life to hang over my bedside table!

Triptych canvases hanging in a church vestibule

Commissioned triptych of canvases, All the Seasons in Bend, Oregon

Customer gave me favorite photographs that she had taken, and I recreated them on canvas!

Commissioned piece for a local hair salon

Customer-owned child's table and chairs getting a makeover, Western style!

The little girl's middle name is Blue--hence, blueberries!

Art installation to go over church doors at Christmas.

Customer-owned table, commissioned custom artwork to make it so much more special!

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