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Other Projects and Commissioned Artwork, to Inspire Your Imagination!

My first ventures into sculpture/painting/assemblage! This is a diptych, A Heron Ascending. Currently on display at the Huntington Beach Art Center. Sold separately or together!

Hummingbird Sonata is at the Showcase Gallery in Costa Mesa, CA.

La Sinfonia del Coniglietto--also at Showcase, and fancy because it's Italian. Multicultural bunny right there.

Dreamfish Symphony is at the Balboa Island Historical Museum, right on top of that piano I told you about!

My recent bird series, all painted since the early days of the pandemic...I guess I've been keeping busy! This one is "Hummingbird Ballet".

"Rainbow in a Storm"




"Dive Deep"

"Albert Breaks Free." Not a bird, in case you were wondering. Also, Albert has sold! But not to worry, I have prints.

"Find the Light"--this one is sold, but I have prints available!

"Flick." Also not a bird.

"George Points the Way"

"Feather Finder"

My biggest piece ever! The Flight of Fancy is 36" x 36"

My bunny artwork on a reclaimed cabinet door, in its new home! Client was so delighted she sent me pictures! I love seeing where my art winds up...

My son is a baseball player. So I support him by painting a giant baseball crashing through his wall over his bed, because that's how much I love him.

No surface in my house is safe from my paintbrushes.

Commissioned by Whittier College as a gift for the President of the College upon her retirement, full of personal details.

A reclaimed cabinet door gets a new life to hang over my bedside table!

Triptych canvases hanging in a church vestibule

Commissioned triptych of canvases, All the Seasons in Bend, Oregon

Customer gave me favorite photographs that she had taken, and I recreated them on canvas!

Commissioned piece for a local hair salon

Customer-owned child's table and chairs getting a makeover, Western style!

The little girl's middle name is Blue--hence, blueberries!

Art installation to go over church doors at Christmas.

Customer-owned table, commissioned custom artwork to make it so much more special!

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