July 2, that's the day!! Art-A-Fair opens, and I'm ready! This has been a roller coaster of work and planning and nerves and sleepless nights...and I am so pleased with the results! And apparently I can only use exclamations points! That's how excited I am!!

I'm particuarly pleased with how my centerpiece turned out, my giant octopus "Starcatcher." After finishing the artwork, I poured resin on it over the course of five days--some clear, some with various colors of mica powder added--to build up layers and create the illusion of water currents. The result is better than I hoped for! You'll have to come see it for yourself, pictures can't capture the whole...well, picture! 

The whole art fair is a must-see, the range and caliber of work is nothing short of awe-inspiring. So local folks, put this on your Summer To-Do list, and I'll see you there!!