I've recently incorporated a new element into my handmade boxes--epoxy! It's taking me a while to perfect the process, but it creates such a wonderfully shiny, gorgeous layer floating above the painted box tops, the effect is ah-MAY-zing (and insanely hard to photograph, can't figure out how to show the depth...more learning curves ahead).  

AND I purchased a large stock of boxes in so many assorted sizes...so I'm busy painting everything I can think of (which seems to contain a *lot* of birds) to establish a whole new line! But since I like you, I'll give you a sneak peek.

They're also getting chattier, these boxes...for instance, the Secretary bird above is declaring "I'm fabulous and I know it," except in French, because she's just that much *more* fabulous. I have a pushy squirrel demanding to know if you want acorns with that, I have Latin-speaking hummingbirds...it's a multicultural conversation going on over here!

So I've had to take most of my boxes out of circulation while I practiced (and ruined a few, which is heartbreaking), and as I've gained skill and confidence I'm giving each one a makeover. As soon as I figure out a good way to showcase their new look, photographically speaking, they'll appear in my shop again! So like I said...stay tuned!!